5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is their any prblm if for intercourse while 5weeks pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. if your pregnancy is progressing normal then there is no problem just be careful that you should not put so much pressure. Take care
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    Akarsha Chowdari939 days ago

    Till how many weeks there is no problem for intercourse?

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Question: I am 5weeks pregnant..now i m having sneezing ...is their any prblm for my baby?
Answer: Dear your baby is not harmed by the sneezing you have during pregnancy. Your baby is safe in the womb surrounded by the amnuitic fluid. Even if you sneeze like 100 times then also baby would not be feeling much of it. And above all at this stage ypur baby is very small. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is their any chances of getting pregnant if intercourse done just 1 day before periods?
Answer: Hi. No time is 100 percent safe dear. So yesnits possible. If you dobt want to be pregnant now using protection is very important.
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Question: If babys born in 8th is their any prblm
Answer: It depends according to baby condition , baby is adjusting to outside environment or any issues we have to see
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