1 months old baby

Question: Is the head cap necessary in day time at home? I heard that if not covering the head the head grows bigger is it real r not

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Answer: Hello, is the myth that baby head grows bigger if cap is not worn in daytime at home. if it is too cold you can make the baby wear cap if not it is not required . you can keep mustard pillow under the baby's head to get the baby's head in shape.
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Question: I have heard tht if the mother is not able to eat then the baby grows big in size?is it true
Answer: No dear, in fact if you dont eat properly then baby's growth would also geet affected that's why eating healthy is very important. :)
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Question: Is it necessary to close the baby head with a cloth or a cap...?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. If there are cold breezes or cold air you need to close so that baby won't catch cold. If climate is hot not necessary. Take care
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Question: Is it harmfull if a 4 month baby is sleeping in AC during summers without wearing head cap or covering ears??
Answer: hi mum you can make babies to sleep on AC without covering the head but it should be that baby should not sleep straight to the AC it will be good if the baby sleeps at corner where he don't get much air entering into his ear and also it would be good if you use either aircapt or cotton even if not youe close your baby top to toe with just enough
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