5 months old baby

Question: Is the baby dryper is good for baby to wear whole the day. Which one is good to wear to babys

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Answer: Dear Don't use diapers daily for ur baby as ur baby can have rashes in the genital area which can cause itching and pain in that area. Also genital area can become black. So, if u are at home then use only cotton nappies for ur baby.
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Question: Is it safe for the babies to wear diaper whole day
Answer: Dear I made my daughter wear it whole day and night as she used to pee every 20 minutes. And no matter how ghar I tried I wasn;t able to toilet train her. Although while changing the diaper I made sure that I kept her diaper free for atleast 15-20 min so her skin gets to breath. In that duration I just applied some desi ghee to the area and kept her free. This avoided the diaper rash completely. Hope it helps.
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Question: Which one is good for babys rocksalt(saidhalavanam) or normal salt in food...for 11months baby
Answer: Hi mam compared with normal sea salt rock salt is good for babies and also elders it helps to maintain the salinity in body and don't cause any spelling for any kind of issues so it is good to use rock salt in babies food
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Question: Hii mam now iam using johnsons baby product is good for my baby which one good product for babys
Answer: Look Johnson baby products has so many problems in them they have changed everything in them still there is a problem I think you have known about that case in foreign that a woman has charge 3000 crores of fine over them because the product was cancer causing because it contains mineral oils and parabens which is highly cancerous I don't know about the new products whether they have maintained to the equality now or not As computer Johnson baby you can switch on to Himalaya products which are really good for baby skin with is purely natural paraben and Mineral oil free and there is no artificial smell or artificial colour hope this will help you a lot good luck
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Question: my baby is of one month. can i wear diaper fir whole day?
Answer: Yes you can. if you will change the diaper as often as possible. and apply cream such as blue seal Vaseline without perfume or sudoxream to Avoid rashes
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