1 months old baby

Question: is that true if the child sleeping put his head one side then her neck will be that side only in future

3 Answers
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry that is all myths...baby doesnt know all these things...so don't worry don't take stress.. Stay positive and think positive.. Take care.
Answer: Allow ur child to sleep which position it likes
Answer: No.its nt true
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Question: My baby always sleeping putting his head side when we put pillows on sides to straight he wakes up.. is it ok..? People said that if baby turns his head side head will grow improper shape is it true?
Answer: Hi there is nothing to worry because the let the baby sleep in the position the baby is comfortable sleeping in it is ok with baby sleeps on side do not worry about the shape of the head because it will get into its normal shape as the baby grows up
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Question: My baby girl keeps her head on one side only while sleeping.. though try to keep her head straight, she's comfortable sleeping keeping her head on one side.. will it be a problem?
Answer: Hi dear there won't be any problem please don't worry this is a face and the sleeping posture will change the lot with time so please don't worry .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is sleeping in one side therefor her head is flat in that side.how to manage this problem? If there is any problem in future?
Answer: Make her habit of sleeping on both sides. Once she get flat shape. It will remain like that put pillow besides her head
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