13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is that safe to drink coconut water daily during pragnency? I as i heard that head become larger than body by drinking coconut water is that true??

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Answer: It is absolutely safe. It gives you enough of potassium and other minerals required for child healthy growth. It helps you overcome dehydration during pregnancy. This also helps to retain necessary sugar level in body as you are continuously on 24/7 production work in preparing a healthy child. Tender coconut helps you overcome morning sickness as well. The natural sugar in it will not affect your pregnancy diabetic condition but make sure you limit the intake. Consult your physician for the amount of tender coconut per day.
Answer: Hlo dr.. drinking coconut water during pregnancy is absolutely safe and it will helps to maintain the level of amniotic fluid level.. so don't hear about the myths..
Answer: It is definitely safe to drink coconut water... It helps to maintain water level in our body till last month..during winter season take it is alternate days..
Answer: No... It's just a myth .. if u want u can have coconut water daily.... It's very good for ur health... Please like if this answer is helpful....
Answer: I don't know about larger head but still avoid drinking coconut water as it cause cold to your baby so please avoid it
Answer: Yes u can have coconut water regularly in jot days..if it is cool avoid it u may effect by cold...
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Question: Is it true that drinking coconut water during pregnancy turns d colour of baby into brown
Answer: Hello, No it's not true for sure.in my pregnancy i have drunk coconut water lot.I have beautiful son even Coconut water is a safe drink that you can take during your pregnancy. Its natural vitamins and minerals make the drink suitable during your pregnancy.So, for preventing dehydration, vomiting, constipation, and infections coconut water is the best choice to opt for.
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Question: I heard daily drinking of coconut water increases blood sugar...is it true?
Answer: It is absolutely fine to drink coconut water... Coconut water is a cholesterol-free drink and can be had anytime.... It also provides the necessary electrolytes to prevent dehydration.. it is an ideal replacement for sugary and unhealthy drinks..
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Question: Hai doctor....can I drink coconut water during pregnancy..? I heard that drinking coconut water may lead to less hair to the baby...is it true or not?
Answer: Hello dear Yes u can have coconut water in pregnancy. Coconut water is really helpful in preventing constipation problem, treats urinary infection and reduces vomiting. Don't believe in such things. Drink or eat whatever u like in pregnancy but after consulting ur doctor.
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