38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is tea effects the complextion of baby in womb

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Question: is stomach infection effects the baby in womb
Answer: Hi,bo but it should be addressed as any type of infection in the body is not good .you should have yogurt Have cocunut water Have promegranate juice Have apple. All this will help to keep your tummy fine Avoid packaged food Avoid spicy and ouky food . Take care All the best
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Question: Is tea effects the complextion of the baby in the womb
Answer: Hie No dear it is a myth tea would not effect your complexion or your babys however don't have more than 2 cups a day as excess of tea ain't good during pregnancy
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Question: Does scanning two times in 8weeks of pregnancy effects the baby in the womb
Answer: hi yes you can do scanning there is nothing to worry if it is required as per doctors advise you should go ahead don't worry it will not harm your baby
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