33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is avil tablet is good for itching and it doesn't have any effect on babys growth

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Answer: Hello dear Don't take any medicine without consulting ur doctor as it can be harmful for u as well as for ur baby. Itching is more common in the last trimester of pregnancy when hormones are at their peak, but it usually goes away within a few days after delivery. Remedies for full body itching : 1. Use a rich skin cream 2. Look for moisturisers and petrolatum 3. Do not use scented laundry detergents 4. Try cold packs 5. Add cornstarch to ur bath
Answer: Hi.. Dear please do not take any medicine without consulting your gynaecologist..
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Question: Severe itçhing and rashes on legs buttocks area...itching is uncontrollable..doc has prescribed calamine lotion and avil tablet...but it works for sometime only again itching starts results in small bumps ...its increasing day by day...any solution
Answer: hi dear! if you are using water spray after peeing then you should stop using as it will increase the risk of infection dear. also these tablets and the calamine lotion should work if it snot helping then the small bumps has to be seen dear. do do visit your doctor and finish the dose of avil tablet dear. and avoid wearing anything that is tight underneath dear. it will just cause more itching . try wearing loose clothing like pallazo or something like that . take care
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Question: I am taking duphaston tablet... is it any side effect for hair growth?? Because i have more hair fall after taking duphaston tablet...
Answer: No, hair fall is not due to duphaston, in fact it will reduce the hair fall This is a progesterone that is female hormone). It works on the lining of the uterus , prevent bleeding and helps to establish and maintain pregnancy
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Question: Does angry effect growth on babys development...... I get angry for no reason
Answer: Hi these are the mood swings which happens due to the hormonal changes in the body don't worry try to keep yourself calm listen to some music read some books go for a walk in the garden this will help you to be, if you are angry or stressed out it will affect the baby is development.
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