5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is sugarcane juice safe in 5th week?

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Answer: Sugar cane is absolutely safe during pregnancy, unless you have gestational diabetes or some kind of insulin problem. Check with your doc if you aren't sure in your particular case, but rest assured it is safe for most pregnant women throughout theirpregnancy..
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    sheeba Shaikh966 days ago

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Question: Is sugarcane juice intake safe during pregnancy? Currently I am in 5th month.
Answer: Yes dear U can eat sugarcane juice in pregnancy. It is safe to eat but have in moderation if u have gestational diabetes because it contains a lots of sugar.
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Question: Is sugarcane juice is safe in pregnency
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Yes you can have sugarcane juice in moderation during pregnancy is actually good for expectant mothers. It is rich in minerals and Antioxidants which is very much required during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: sugarcane juice is safe in pregnancy??
Answer: Hello! you should avoid it..if you want to drink it during pregnancy, make sure it's freshly prepared, and extracted in a hygienic and extremely clean environment, she advises.
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