6 months old baby

Question: Is sugar good for baby?

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Answer: Hi It would be in your babies best interest to avoid sugar As sugar is refined by a lot of chemical process which may be harmful for the baby Excess of sugar may depress immunity and cause dental problem as well Opt for naturals sweetners such as fruits ,dates syrup ,jaggery or honey
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Question: Is country sugar is good for babys
Answer: yes dear it is a very good that has more nutritional calcium source in it. and also it helps babies to digest so and also baby don't get cold or cough when you use brown sugar
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Question: Brown sugar or white sugar is good for baby... Which one is best??
Answer: Hello dear.... Sugar brown or white, jaggery and honey must not be given till the baby turns 1year old... you can use banana, chikoo, apples, dates, dried grapes pureed or mashed to sweeten the baby's food.. they're natural sweeteners...
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Question: Curd with sugar is good for 3years baby
Answer: hi dear , curd is very good for the baby however adding little sugar is fine and you could add very little sugar or even try without sugar and see , for all you know the baby may like it specially if it is fresh home made curd
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Question: sugar candy water is good for baby or not
Answer: No dear... Sugar in any form must be avoided until your baby is one year of age...
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