16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is straining or pushing during poty harmful for fetus?

2 Answers
Answer: No dearbt if u r severely constipated then itz possible.
Answer: yes it is.
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Question: can pushing and straining due to constipation harm baby during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi! Pushing hard may not harm the baby but it can cause hemorrhoids. Have at least 8-12 glasses of water and keep yourself hydrated. Try and have a high fibre diet like brown rice, lentils, wholemeal bread which will help in digestion, also have fresh fruits like oranges, guava. Keep yourself active, walking or yoga exercise recommended for pregnancy will also help.
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Question: Is mobile radiation harmful for fetus? I play games in mobile during leisure time. Is it harmful for my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, yes it is harmful. Better you reduce the time usage time. If you get bored in your liesure time try something elase instead of using mobile phone. Read some successful stories or holy books or learn something on your interest. And do meditation if you don't want to do all these. It will keep you and your baby healthy and feel relaxed and energetic.
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Question: is crying is harmful for fetus
Answer: Hii don't worry. Crying is a way to xpress ur suppress feeling which makes u feel better later on. Keeping things in mind and suppressing can harm. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy.Cause for mood swings is unknown. Some women are sensitive to estrogen will for others it is cause ofchange in levels of progestrone . Try to be in company of the people who makes u happy. Share ur feeling with close once. All the best.
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