32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is stem cell banking good or bad

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Answer: the stem cells are basically stored for 25 years. they can be helpful for the child if he/ she ever suffers from blood related diseases such as blood cancers, immunological disorders etc. though the research is still going on, storage of stem cell is kind of a insurance policy for the child's health. In india many companies are providing this facility most popular are Life cell and Cord life.
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Question: which stem cell banking is best? community stem cell banking or private stem cell banking.
Answer: It is upto u which u want to choose as both are good and both stores ur baby's stem cells for future. Choose and compare the prices of both as well as the quality, how they store then u can invest in it.
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Question: Hello is life cell company good to store the stem cell banking?Thank you in advance.
Answer: Yes dear, it's quite good. Even I am thinking of storing on my next pregnancy.. so surely you can go for it..
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Question: Hi.. is anyone doing stem cells restoration. Is anyone aware of a good stem cell bank??
Answer: Hi...Total waste of money. I did research and research and came to conclusion that it is one big scam. Also my gynaec herself told me it's waste. But they can't say it openly as hospital has tie up with these people
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