10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is smell of paint harms in pregnancy?

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Answer: It contains certain chemicals which can trigger nausea.
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Question: Will smell of paint affect the fetus?
Answer: Hi dear the smell of modern paint doesn't harm your pregnancy or your baby but it doesn't mean that you have the licence to smell on the paint for the day. All the paint contains some amount of LEAD which is not good for you baby and you should not get direct contamination of new paint. Take care of yourself
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Question: Hi. I am 6weeks pregnant can i smell paint which we paint in our house.?
Answer: Dear paints have chemical and fumes in them which are not safe to inhale during pregnancy. So please don't inhale it in for much time avoid sitting in that room and if possible go to some place till the smell of paint is gone...
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Question: Is paint smell harmful in pregnancy
Answer: Hi, if you are able to bear it then there is no problem if you are allergic to it then you should stay away from that
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