34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is saving cord in private bank like life cell worth it.Both of us (my husband and I)have no family history of disease listed in the list that requires stem cell treatment.confused whether to go for it or not as its also costly.

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Answer: Its worth for some people. My friends son had kidney issues since birth since then he is suffering. Doctor suggested if it was saved they could have made a new kidney with it. We haven't saved it due to financial challenges. But it is always good to save.
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Question: M here to share something....ladies has to go trough nd suffer alot in life...marriage is beautiful if ur patner nd his family is good but no matter what husband always support their mom for them moms cum first ....nd sometimes husband words really break us apart 😔😔😔😔
Answer: Hi dear, god has made female so powerful that she gets hurt, cries and again she stands up and fights back. Female are special child of god. They have loads of patience and have the high resistance power. Overcome every situation. Do what you want but no need to share everything to all including husband. Just share to people who understand. Give total ignorance to the people hurting you. Moreover a new member is one the way. You have completed your first trimester. Congratulations!!! Keep smiling and be happy!!! 🙂👍
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Question: I heard about stem cell banking.... and 2 representative came into my house for presentation... my cord and life cell.... but I can see there is some insurance type marketing were there.... is it really helpful when needed or they just make fake promises and also which company is better life cell or my cord..... in my in laws family there are 2-3 cases of blood cancer... so I'm worried and also interested about stem cell banking if it's really helpful. pls suggest
Answer: hello.. dear.. stem cell banking has many advantages.. It provides great potential for discovering treatments and cures to a variety of diseases including Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes and many more. so its better to take store your stem cells in life cell..
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