24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is saffron good during this time

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Answer: Saffron is good during the pregnancy time unfortunately now most saffron companies are not natural. They are adding some colours. And preservatives. If you are getting a natural saffron that is best. Otherwise please do not try to take saffron. Show the next question will be how to find a pure saffron. There are a few key ways to tell real saffron from fake: taste, smell, look and price. Saffron(thread/strand) never tastes sweet, If it's sweet you surely bought the fake one. Real saffron will have a bitter and slightly astringent taste when placed on the tongue. Then there is the aroma. If it is helpful please like
Answer: Saffron is good after 16 th weeks..it will help for diagestion and circulation
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Question: Whether saffron milk is good during pregnancy
Answer: hi dear! saffron milk is good in pregnancy( as it is warm by nature) but only in 8th month of pregnancy. ( towards the end of 8th month). but make sure dear you use pure saffron as inorganic saffron will cause harm. you can soak the saffron in little water for the night and then in the morning dissolve the soaked saffron in milk. make sure you have the saffron milk in the morning. take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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Question: Is sex good during this time
Answer: Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for women with a history of repeated miscarriages, preterm labor, bleeding, or an incompetent cervix or you have cramps or pain in abdomen or you feel any discomfort after sex . If you dont have the above conditions you can have sex.
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Question: which exercise is good during this time
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Most exercises are safe to perform during pregnancy, as long as you exercise with caution and do not overdo it. The safest and most productive activities are swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary bicycling and low-impact aerobics (taught by a certified aerobics instructor). However you'll have to consult your gynecologist before doing any kind of excersices. Take care.
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Question: Is saffron good during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can use. Saffron acts as a good muscle relaxant which helps in pregnancy. Saffron improves digestion and appetite by supplying the blood uniformly to all the parts of the body. Saffron also aids in controlling your mood swings. But should be taken in moderation and taken after it has been soaked in water or milk. Take care.
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