13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is munakka safe to eat that's confusion few suggesting to have ..few says its not good

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Answer: Hello! There is no problem in having munakka in moderation. Make sure what ever you have, have it in moderation. Take care
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    Anonymous488 days ago

    Thank you :)

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Question: is watermelon safe to eat n this period mine 28 weeks s running ,n egg s good or not some says that's poultry eggs contain antibiotics n all?
Answer: Dear watermelon is safe nd it also give relief us in migraine nd keep us hydrated....btt don't use eggs everyday ..use only once or twice in a week nd properly boiled md cooked eggs ..
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Question: is it safe to eat munakka in pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear it is....i used to soak it over night n churn it with milk in morning n drink it fr proper digestion n too avoid constipation...
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Question: Is it safe to drink mother's Horlicks few are telling its not good please suggest me
Answer: Hello dear It is made for pregnant women so it is certainly safe. But nothing can beat natural food. Taking supplements during pregnancy is only a supportive measure. But nothing can surpass natural food. Women's Horlicks has lots of calcium and iron which is good for baby's development.
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Question: Hi i am 33 weaks pregnant. My hb is 6.9 .can i eat munakka ? Somebody told me its a good to eat if hb is low
Answer: U can have everything... actually ur hb is very low plz have beetroot and pomogranate... actually dr give some injection to increase the HB.coz blood makes a important role during delivery.plz CHK wid dr once.to deliver a baby it should be atleast 12
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