12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Zifi 200 is safe during pregnancy

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Answer: If the medication is been prescribed by a doctor then please let me know for what infection the medication is been prescribed to you are you having a urine infection on skin infection you must detail that in your question zifi 200 is related with side effect suggest diarrhoea dizziness and headache but it is important to take the medication if the benefits outweigh the risk do not worry follow your doctor's instructions if it is given for an infection
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Question: is sinarest and zifi 200 safe during pregnancy ... my doctor prescribed these tablets as i have throat infection .pls suggest ..
Answer: Dear one thing that assures that it is safe during pregnancy is ur gynae have prescribed those. So please do not worry and take them infact I am also sharing some home remedies which will help you heal faster. I can recommend some home remedies for u to try if those helps. 1.) During pregnancy, it’s best to consume 1 crushed, raw garlic clove with each meal. If your cold is acute, you could increase your garlic consumption to 1 crushed, raw clove per every 2-3 hours. I like to smear in raw honey for taste and added benefits. 2.) take cinammon with honey for cold 3.) ginger juice with honey for cough 4.) ginger, tulsi and cinammon tea with rock salt add thrice a day for cold and cough 5.) hot milk with a pinch of turmeric Hope this helps.
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Question: Is cefolac 200 safe during pregnancy
Answer: Don't do self medication consult your gyno . Antibiotics are not recommended during pregnancy get well soon☺
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Question: Is foracort 200 safe during pregnancy..??
Answer: if ur doctor suggested for u then dont think .. follow that becoz according to ur body condition they suggest u the medicine.. maintain a proper diet.. healthy one.. avoid all junk oily spicy foods from out side
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