23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is digene safe during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear digene is very safe but do not take any medication without consulting your doctor if it is given by doctor you can use it take care
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Question: Is digene safe during pregnancy for indigestion and acidity problem
Answer: Take ajwaan mix saly with luke warm water it reduces indigestion take as necessarily
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Question: Is it safe to use digene tablet during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Acidity is Common problem in pregnancy due to hormone changes. You get get rid of acidity by drinking lots of water. Cumin powder soak in water in the night morning drink that water on empty stomach. It helps a lot to reduce acidity. Cold milk also helps a lot to reduce acidity. Avoid spicy food and good that is hard to digest. Eat in small portions at regular intervals. Avoid late night eating. Don't use any medicine without consulting your gynic. Take care
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Question: Is digene syrup mint flavour safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi as it helps to prevent acidity but avoid self medication during pregnancy as it may cause problems have small meals at regular intervals which helps and have plenty of fluids which helps take care
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