7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Avomine is safe during early pregnancy

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Answer: Dear avomine is completely safe to have during pregnancy but the dosage should bee strictly prescribed by doctor.
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Question: Eating jackfruit is safe during early stages of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi...Jack fruit are commonly thought to cause heat on eating, it is better to avoid in early weeks but u can have raw jackfruit in later weeks cooked in daal or cooked and made to soups.Jack fruit are a rich source of antioxidants .They even help to regulate hormones. 
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Question: Is Ovunal sc 5000 injection safe during early pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear It's safe It's main content is human chorionic gonadotropin... Which is normal during pregnancy
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Question: Is it safe to eat Jackfruit during early pregnancy
Answer: It is better not to eat.. But you can have it like one two peices if you are craving for it dear.
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