37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is ceplhalic presentatiom represents head of baby s fixed for labour

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Answer: No dear , it doesn't mean that baby's head is fixed . Its just mean that baby is in head down position and can fix head any time. If your baby didn't fix head yet then just do mild walk regularly that will help baby to move down and fix head..
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Question: My baby head is not fixed yet, what can I do for fixecation of head
Answer: Kindly do squatting , duck exercises and walking every day for 40 minutes. You can check these exercises in you tube. Avoid them of you have any other complications or if it's a high risk pregnancy. If you found this helpful please click the helpful button.
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Question: after baby head fixed when will labour start for second baby
Answer: after baby head is fixed the labour starts with in 1/2 weeks... contractions starts, when your water breaks with mild bleeding then you need to contact your doctor.
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Question: How long it wil take for labour once head fixed
Answer: Hi...another 30 to 40 min will take as baby has engaged in the position cervix will dilate completely and labor will initiate
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