6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is IUI process is safe? Is der any chances of getting pregnant?

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Answer: IUI is completely safe... Chances of pregnancy increases in IUI process
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Question: Mam after fertility is there any chances of getting pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,there are some chances of conceiving even in your non fertile days.as sperm can stay alive in uterus for 7 days.and egg for two days.so if you had sex prior to ovulation,chances are the sperms were alive and could have fertilized your egg.
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Question: Is there any chances of bleeding before getting pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Once you conceive,you won't bleed.though some women do have implantation bleeding for a day or two,but it's very very less amount and cannot be compared to period bleeding.some women do have spotting and brown discharge issues,which needs to be corrected by the doctor.
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Question: On 6th day of my periods it was not bleeding actually me n my husband had unprotected physical relationship is der any chances of getting pregnant
Answer: If you have an early ovulation (like on day 10 or 11 of that cycle), then yes, since sperm can live in fertile cervical mucus for 5 days - more in some rare cases. So someone who has short cycles (less than 28 days) is more likely to get pregnant from intercourse during the menses than someone who always has regular or long cycles.
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