32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is posterior leads to boy and anterior leads to girl baby

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Answer: Hi! There is no such evidence which proves posterior placenta leads to boy for anterior leads to girl these are all myths they do not have any base and no medical proof hence please do not fall for these.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Posterior placenta boy and anterior girl..how far its true
Answer: Hello! It is simply a myth. Posterior or anterior is the position of the placenta and has nothing to with the gender of the baby. Take care
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Question: Anterior left-girl,posterior-boy is this true..
Answer: Hi desr this is a pure myth plz don't believe on such thing and take care of ur diet. It is more important.
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Question: Which placenta is best? Anterior or posterior? Pls answer.... Which one leads to normal delivery??
Answer: Posterior placenta is the most favourable position for normal delivery. However in case of anterior placenta normal delivery is still possible as by last week's of pregnancy placenta moves upwards making way for baby. But in case it continues lying low covering the cervix (placenta previa then it might warrant csec.
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