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Question: Is pomegranate safe during pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes, Pomegranate fruit is a nutritious choice that contains several nutrients important to you during yourpregnancy. Eating pomegranate fruit or drinking the juice is probably safe during pregnancy.
Answer: Hello! Yes, pomegranate is safe during pregnancy.
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Question: Is pomegranate safe during pregnancy
Answer: Yes very safe during pregnancy. Pomograntes will increase hb count.
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Question: Is pomegranate juice is safe during pregnancy
Answer: It is 100% safe and will increase haemoglobin level.
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Question: Is it safe eat pomegranate during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear It is totally safe to eat pomegranate in pregnancy. Pomegranate juice may prevent health issues during pregnancy. It also prevents preeclampsia, growth restriction and preterm birth when given to women during pregnancy,also it prevents constipation. Pomegranate juice is high in calories, hence you should take in moderate amounts.
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