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Question: Is pomegranate good to eat within first trimester of pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes its good to eat as it contains fibres and iron in rich amount which is good for your baby.
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Question: is it to eat pomegranate during first trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Continue eating pomegranate during entire pregnancy it will help you to gain hemoglobin
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Question: Is pomegranate juice is good for first trimester of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello Dear Congratulations for your pregnancy Yes,U Can have Pomegranates juice.It is full of several nutrients that will help you and your unborn baby through the pregnancy. On the other hand, pomegranate juice is a great way to hydrate your body and to satiate your craving for something sweet while you are pregnant.
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Question: Is Pomegranate juice good in first trimester?
Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have,pomegranate are best fruit to have during pregnancy,it prevents you from preeclampsia, preterm birth,birth defects ,and also relives you from morning sickness,it is loaded with lot of iron,which helps in the formation of new blood cells,having promogranate regularly in your diet during pregnancy,will increase blood supply and prevents you from Anemia,and this juice is said to be increasing complexion of babies,when consumed regularly,and it also protects you from digestive issues and promotes good digestion to the body
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