9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is pineapple will affect pregnancy at 7 weeks

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Answer: Yes. Please do not eat pineapple as it leads to miscarriage. Pineapple helps to start the period that is why it should be avoided during pregnancy. It can take it in your last days of your pregnancy.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. But pineapple is not safe during pregnancy. It can cause uterine contractions. So it's not advisable to take its juice. Take care
Answer: Pineapple pliz nahi Khana ye bohot effect karta hai maine meri first pregnancy me 29 weeks me khaya tha dusre din hi meri delivery ho gayi thi please be carefull
Answer: Don't take pineapple juice or. Pineapple...my doctor said avoid pineapple during pregnancy
Answer: It is very harmful for pregnant women so be careful and avoid it
Answer: Pineapple juice is not good option in first trimester
Answer: It is very harmful. In pregnancy it cause miscarriage
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Question: I ate a few pieces of pineapple yesterday will that affect my pregnancy in any ways???
Answer: Hi. No dear it wont affect baby. Its said that pineapple is not safe but there are not any scientific proof. Also having pineapple in too much quantity may have adverse effects but not in small amount.
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Question: Iam 4 weeks pregnancy, shall i take pineapple juice at thos period, iam fond of pineapple
Answer: Dear no matte how fond you are of pineapple it should be avoided completely. Pineapple along with grapes and papaya should not be taken during pregnancy as these have a capacity of breaking down the endometrium layer and make you bleed. This can lead to miscarriage. Hope it helps.
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Question: I ate few pieces of pineapple... Is this will affect my baby....???
Answer: Hi.. Eating pineapple during pregnancy is not good, so resist your self from having it. Pineapple s are rich in bromelain, which can cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labour. However, if you had it let it be, now on be careful.
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