18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is pineapple harmful in pregnancy?

2 Answers
Answer: yes, pineapple n other fruits n veg that r restricted in pregnancy have the property to contract the uterus thus there are increased chances of undue labour or miscarriage. when in the last week of pregnancy females start drinking pineapple juice, n eat dates to induce labour.
Answer: yes pineapple and pappaya is not safe in pregnancy, if u dont know what to eat ask ur doctor take care
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Question: Eating pineapple in 34 week of pregnancy is harmful?
Answer: Pineapple is safe, healthy choice during pregnency.. Some one migt have told to avoid this fruit because, it may cause early miscariage, this is just myth.. Pineapple contains a type of proteolytic enzyme, bromelain that help soften the cervix and induce labor so eat and drink juice i n after 36 weeks is better.. Now use small quatinty
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