30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is paracetamol is safe during pregnancy? Is there is any problem for baby? Fever during pregnancy is harmful to the unborn baby?

Answer: In fever we can take paracetamol.....n before taking any medication u shud consult doctor
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Question: Taking paracetamol injection for migraine..is it harmful for baby..is there any problem ?
Answer: No paracetamol is considered safe in pregnancy it will not harm your baby.
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Question: Is paracetamol safe for fever in pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! Paracetamol and other meds from the same group are safe and can be consumed in pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it safe to take paracetamol tablets for fever during pregnancy
Answer: yes it is safe...my doctor prescribed me too while i was having fever...but he asked me not to take other medicine except the one he prescribed me
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