6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is paracetamol 650 for cold and fever is safe during pregnancy

Answer: Hi dear, paracetamol is generally fine during pregnancy. But it's always good to consult doctor before taking any medicine. Take care
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Question: is paracetamol 500mg is safe to take in 8weeks pregnancy for fever and cold
Answer: nσ u muѕt nσt tαkє αnч mєdícínєѕ duríng prєgnαncч ...ít íѕ nσt ѕαfє fσr вαвíєѕ
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Question: Can u tell me during this period paracetamol 650 is safe due to cold???
Answer: Dear if its prescribed by your doctor then its safe to use but dosage should be strictly as prescribed by doctor..
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Question: I had cold n fever and taken cipmol 650 paracetamol tabs 3 times a day is it safe??
Answer: I am 14 week pregnant and had cold n fever yesterday and taken cipmol 650 paracetamol tabs 3 times in a day was it safe??
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