7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is papaya good in pregnancy

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Answer: Hi Dear! Papaya needs to be avoided in pregnancy becz the enzymes help in dilating cervix which is dangerous in pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Unripe papaya is dangerous But ripe one is okay But it is better to avoid why to take risk There are plenty of other fruits you can eat
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Question: Is ripe papaya good in pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear It is safe to eat papaya during pregnancy, as long as it is ripe. However, a semi-ripe or unripe papaya contains a substance called latex, which may trigger uterine contractions
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Question: Is papaya good during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Ripened papaya does not cause any problem in pregnancy. Only raw or semi raw papaya has an enzyme which gives uteral contractions.So it is advisable to avoid papaya. Even papaya seeds have same enzyme.Take care
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Question: Papaya is good or bad in pregnancy
Answer: Hloo, avoid papaya during pregnancy... unripe papaya can sometimes cause miscarriage
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