16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is palm sugar safe during pregnancy

Answer: Hi! Yes dear palm sugar is safe you can use jaggery too as its an excellent source of Iron and beneficial fr yoh during pregnancy.. Good luck!
Answer: Dear it is safe to be consumed during pregnancy. Please do make sure to have it in moderate quantity. Hope it helps.
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Question: is palm fruit safe during pregnancy?
Answer:  Ice apple means palm fruit is a naturally occurring fruit with tons of benefits associated with it. It is considered beneficial to be consumed by pregnant women since it helps in achieving relief in many pregnancy-related issues. In any case, it’s always best to get a doctor’s recommendation for your benefit.
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Question: Is eating palm candy during pregnancy is safe
Answer: Hi! Yes palm candy is safe but in moderate qty, basically its better to avoid sugary candies.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is date palm is good during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dates are highly recommended for pregnant women as they can reduce the risk of anaemia, help cope with morning sickness, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, get rid of toxins, boost immunity, and maintain healthy calcium content in the body but eat moderately I mean max one or two/ day
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