3 months old baby

Question: Is pacifier not safe for babies. My mother in law told me due to this baby suffer from throat infection. Is that true?

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Answer: Hui if any lase happens in the hygiene of pacifier then baby can get infection..dear my personal experience is that pacifier don't do much good to baby and intact can give more of problem. So better if I don't give it to ur baby.
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Question: I'm drinking tea everyday.. so is it harmful for my baby? My mother in law told me that because of tea my baby's skin become darker.. is that true or not?
Answer: Hi dear Drinking tea is not at all harm for baby or it ll make babies skin darker...baby is safe inside the sac bag and only your nutrients goes via placenta.. Actually taking tea during pregnancy hepls to rid of insomnia and keeps you fresh..tea is a natural antioxident..you can also add a pinch of ginger and mint leaves along with tea to improve your digestions as there ll be some digestive issue in later pregnancy stages...
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Question: Someone told me that castor oil massage in belly is not safe for baby is it true or false
Answer: False castor oil helps looses the abdomen muscles for normal delivery,thn its reduces body heat
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Question: What is the remedy for throat infection... Its difficult for me to suffer from this plz ans...
Answer: Here are some remedies Garlic Include garlic in your daily diet as it has antibiotic properties. Satl water Salt-water gargles ease the pain and fight the bacteria. Water Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Water helps to extricate the toxins from the body and keeps infections at bay. Diet Eat a healthy diet packed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. A healthy diet helps to boost the immune system and avoid infections. Steam Steam inhalation through a pot of boiling water or a humidifier is very effective for reducing the itchiness in the throat. Ginger Drink a warm drink of ginger boiled in water for some time. This can be sipped throughout the day to seek relief. Gram flour Roast gram flour (besan) in ghee and mix it in a glass of warm milk. An intake of this drink twice daily can provide considerable results. Honey Have a teaspoon of grated ginger or ginger juice with honey 2-3 times a day to get rid of the infection.
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