3 months old baby

Question: Is pacifier is good for babies?

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Question: Is pacifier good for babies?
Answer: Hi dear according to me pacifier is not good for the baby because it got very badly stuck in my baby's mouth and also show the baby suppresses hunger and keeps on sucking At The pacifier that is why rest it is your wish.
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Question: Is pacifier good for babies??
Answer: Hi dear. No its not good for babies. Avoid giving pacifier to babies . There are always chances of infection due to it and it also degrade oral health. Most important , your baby will become habitual of it and more use of pacifier will led to acid reflux because baby will ingest more air while sucking pacifier.
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Question: is pacifier good for babies?
Answer: pacifier should be avoided usually.. they can cause infections. honey pacifier big no. honey should not be given to children below one year of age as it can cause infant botulism. Also, this will cause tooth decay.
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