34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is normal delivery possible with breech position??

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Answer: Yes it is possible if all your other parameters are normal ,if u dont have any complications and if your pelvic circumference is wide enough and your baby not more than average in size
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Question: Is normal delivery possible when baby is breech position??
Answer: No ...mostly breeched babies are undergoing C-section only..U are having chances for changing breeched baby to normal delivery positive by doing some exercises but u should consult with your doctor she will suggest according to your health condition
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Question: Is normal delivery possible in breech position..??
Answer: Hi, no.a “breech” baby doesnot turn and would emerge feet or butt-first. In that case, the head can get trapped, which canlead to birth complications.
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Question: Normal delivery possible in breech position????
Answer: Hi. No dear. Your doctor would not take risk and go for c-section delivery.
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