7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is normal delivery easy after one

2 Answers
Answer: First delivery is more difficult than the subsequent ones.
Answer: Yes.. work hard at work.. its easy for normal delivery
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Question: In Anterior ,posterior whichone is easy for normal delivery
Answer: Posterior placenta...n baby position should be head down left or right anterior
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Question: Tell me easy excercise for normal delivery
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Little exercise helps to relax muscles and increase chances of normal pregnancy. Walking is best in pregnancy. It also helps to digest food. As the muscles get lose the chances of normal delivery will be increased. Yoga is also considered best but you should perform it with two conditions one is you should permission from your doctor second is you should perform only under the guidance of an expert. You can go through home page to find tips, diet, recipes and different kinds of exercises with videos they help a lot. But please consult doctor before starting any exercise as they know your condition better. Take care
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Question: Will regular sex after 4th month help in easy and normal delivery ?
Answer: Hi Dear! Intercourse at a later stage does help in vaginal delivery however since Intercourse is safe so you can hv it as long as the pregnancy is not associated with any complications..like short cervix (the opening of the uterus)...or have previous history of bleeding per vagina..previous abortions...or premature contractions etc.. Hope this helps!
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