18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is new wall paintings colour smell harm my unborn baby

2 Answers
Answer: Hi,yes it is better to avoid because the strong smell can cause allergy to you and affect the baby.
Answer: No.. but don't inhale more
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Question: Is wall paintings colour smell is bad during pregnancy
Answer: Totally depend to your personal experience.. In pregnancy everyone s feel something bad and something good... So it's totally fine.. Use ur favorite perfume 😊
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Question: Is sneezing can harm my unborn baby
Answer: Hello dear If proper precautions is taken then it will not harm unborn baby. Remedies for sneezing : 1. Keep urself awsy from sneezing causing factors. 2. Improve ur immunity levels by taking vitamin c supplements 3. wash your face with water when sneezing. 4. Keep ur hands clean 5. Add a few drops of pure eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief and sniff it to clear the nasal passage while easing out the sneezing. 6. Apply a little petroleum jelly with clean hands inside the nasal passages. It will moisturize the dried passages, preventing sneezing.
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Question: Is yeast infection and Bacterial viagnosis harm to unborn baby
Answer: It won't harm the baby but your health will be in danger because it can cause serious kidney infections
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