13 months old baby

Question: Is nestle cerelac good for babies .. need expert advice

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Answer: Hello! I would never actually advice on nestle cerelac. It has preservatives and sugar, which doesn't give the baby all the nutrition needed. It is better to give fresh homemade cooked food and fruits. Take care
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    Kanishka Bhati658 days ago

    Ok thank you

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Question: Is Readymade Nestle Cerelac good for babies?
Answer: Hi der occasionally it's fine to give it to baby but baby is 8 months so try to give more home made food like sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, and apple. You can boil and mash these fruits properly before giving to your baby.Apart from this try to feed different porridge like Rice, Ragi, Moong or Roasted gram. You can give  Khichdi,  massed paneer , custard and yogurt. These are healthy and nutritious and help in putting on weight and strengthening the body from within.
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Question: Is nestle cerelac good for babies
Answer: Hi dear , presently my baby is 5 years old and for continuous one and half years I gave him cerelac especially when I am outside. So yes of course you can give you baby cerelac. But I always preferred to give my baby home cooked food for proper health development. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is any need for boiling Nestle cerelac?
Answer: hello dear while preparing you may have to prepare it in boiled water, keep on low flame and cook till it thickens.
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