37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is necessary to remove hair in vaginal area during delivery? Or at the time tey will do va?

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Answer: Don't wait fr hospital staff to do it ...you shud do it urself...use veet for that it's betr to b prepared. Your vagina shud b clean ..it help docs to have clear view....n helps Dem while stitching also. In mi case they have to take me to labour rum...so dey didn't have time to let me remove mi hair....i used razor...but as i cudnt see anything down der..it wasnt completely removed...so doc had problem while stitching...n dat problem is painful for me right now
Answer: Hello It is necessary to get ur hair removed as the hair can contain alot of bacteria and can be ingested by the baby. Most of the hospitals remove the hair before the labour starts. It's better you do it if it's possible to bend that way.
Answer: Yes it is necessary bcz at the time of delivery doctor cut outer layer of vagina to remove child so it should be clean for stitching it after delivery.
Answer: They will do it for you. You need not do
Answer: They will do. Don't worry
Answer: Thank you
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Answer: Hi dear, Ideally it is better to keep the area clean.removing the pubic hair, would prevent you from infections.keep trimming the hair,you need not shave it now.during delivery they shave it in hospital.
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Question: Is it necessary to remove private part hair at the time of delivery????
Answer: No dear. It will be done in the labour room by the nurses before delivery
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Question: i am 19 weeks pregnant can i use razor to remove hair in the vaginal area
Answer: Hii yes surely u can use. U can take the help of ur partner it required.
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