10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is musk melon good during pregnancy?

2 Answers
Answer: Yes muskmelon , is good with nutrients and fibre but eat it moderately
Answer: Hi dear, yes you can have musk melon during pregnanacy
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Question: Can I have musk melon during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have muskmelon, it is rich in vitamin, minerals, water content, it prevent dehydration
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Question: Can i eat musk melon during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear... yes,you can have,it is rich in vitamins and also has lot of water content,promotes digestion and prevents digestion
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Question: Is it safe to eat musk melon during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes, muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. The fruit is low on its calorie count and high in nutrients and fibre, making it a very safe and healthy snack option for expecting mother. Few of the benefits are: Prevents tube defects Improves immunity. It helps in Leg cramps. Blood pressure regulation. Take care.
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