19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is mothers horlicks good for pregnant woman?

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Answer: It will increase ur glucose level so dnt drink during pregnency
Answer: No dnt drink
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    Arpita Char1196 days ago


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Question: Honey 🍯 is good for pregnant women
Answer: Sure u can take honey in pregnancy its safe .Drinking milk mixed with a spoon of honey before bedtime helps you have an undisturbed sleep Honey is an effective cough suppressant. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey soothe throat irritation. Add honey to ginger or lemon tea, and sip it warm to relieve a sore throat .u can try it dear .
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Question: Seedless grapes is good for pregnant ladies or not.
Answer: You can have both types of grapes,as long as you wash it well before consumption.there are alot of pesticides residue on grape skin.so unless it is washed thoroughly,it should not be consumed.as any little amount of pesticide could be dangerous for baby too.because of this reason I avoided grapes in pregnancy...
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Question: Hi I'm 9weeks pregnant can i take mother Horlicks is it good for health?
Answer: Dear instead of mothers horlicks take mama protinex or D protein powder which contains less sugars helps for baby brain development.usually mothers horlicks contain high sugars, which are not so good.take care your self
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