Few days old baby

Question: Is mosquito coil is dangerous for babies???less than 6 month's

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Answer: Yes , Mosquito coil or Plug-in mosquito repellents may contain chemicals which are not safeto be inhaled. They can cause or aggravate breathing problems. They may even irritate the eyes or cause allergies. You can put a vapouriser on for some time to get rid of anymosquitoes in the room and switch it off well before you bring your baby in
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Question: any home remedies to soothe mosquito bites in babies less than 6 months
Answer: Hello, The best remedy is coconut oil. Don't apply anything to the baby's skin because baby's skin is very sensitive and we don't know how it will react so use coconut oil only. Gently rub a but of coconut oil on the bitten area and it will be fine or you can also apply baby cream on it . It's also good..
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Question: Which mosquito coil is good..I have 3 months baby so plss tell me which coil is good
Answer: Please don't use any mosquito coil that smell is bad for baby, use net
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Question: is smell of mortein coil is dangerous for my baby?
Answer: Dont use coil better u use current pluged good night
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