6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is amul milk beneficial in pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes you can have
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Question: Is Tropicana or amul cool milk is safe in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have in moderation. Make sure your dont have it too often. Take care.
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Question: Is Milk/buttermilk beneficial in pcos???
Answer: Hello, Dear Milk and milk products from animals contain hormones which is NOT good for someone suffering from PCOS. You can drink soy or almond milk if you cannot resist drinking milk at all.
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Question: Is chocolates is beneficial in pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi.. You can have chocolates, during pregnancy, but in moderation, because of excess of it is bad.
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Question: Is saffron milk beneficial during 4th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hllo dear u t 15 weeks pregnant saffron s completely safe during pregnancy . there r so many benifits of saffron as it . It Protects against cancer .it Promotes learning and memory. Saffron give protection against cold.u can take saffron milk before bedtime its healthy try it
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