9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is milk and apple causes more constipation im suffering a huge problem of constipation

Answer: Apple will heal u from constipation. So dont worry with apple
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Question: Hello, i am pregent of 14 weeks. Everything is normal expect constipation problem. I have huge constipation problem .. please help
Answer: In general, worry, anxiety, minimal physical exercise, and a low-fiber diet may cause constipation. Constipation in pregnant women is thought to occur due to hormones that relax the intestinal muscle and by the pressure of the expanding uterus on the intestines. Relaxation of the intestinal muscle causes food and waste to move slower through your system. Sometimes iron tablets may contribute to constipation. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you are taking iron supplements. You may need to switch to a different type of iron tablet, but it is important to talk to your health care provider first. How can I prevent or treat constipation during pregnancy? Prevention and treatment of constipation involve many of the same steps. Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent constipation from occurring or treat it if you are already experiencing it: Eat a high fiber diet: Ideally, you will consume 25 to 30 grams per day of dietary fiber from fruits, vegetables, breakfast cereals, whole grain breads, prunes and bran. Drink a lot of fluids: Drinking plenty of fluids is important, particularly when increasing fiber intake. Drink 10 to 12 cups of fluids each day. It is the combination of a high fiber diet and plenty of liquids that best help you eliminate your waste. Sweat, hot/humid climates, and exercise may increase your need for additional fluids. Exercise routinely: If you are inactive, you have a greater chance of constipation. Walking, swimming and other moderate exercise helps the intestines work by stimulating your bowels. Schedule exercise three times a week for 20-30 minutes each. Over-the-counter remedies: There are over-the-counter products such as Metamucil (Category B) which may help soften your bowel movements and reduce constipation. Always speak to your health care provider before using over-the-counter medications. Reduce or eliminate iron supplements: Iron supplements may contribute to constipation. Good nutrition can often meet your iron needs during pregnancy. Taking smaller doses of iron throughout the day rather than taking it all at once can reduce constipation. Talk to your health care provider about checking your iron levels and recommendations to manage iron intake during pregnancy. Find natural ways to get iron here. What remedies should not be used for constipation during pregnancy? Laxative pills are NOT recommended for the treatment of constipation during pregnancy because they might stimulate uterine contractions and cause dehydration. Mineral oils should NOT be used during pregnancy because they reduce nutrient absorption.
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering from constipation problem can i give her apple
Answer: Hi! Constipation in a 2 yrs old is sign that you are offering more solids and less water what he/she needs. 1. Keep feeding him your milk or liquids to keep him hydrated. 2.You can try pitted prunes, take 2 spoon of Oats cook it till done add prune puree and feed at night 3. Please avoid offering Banana, Apple Rice and Toast this time. 4.Try and give warm water. 5.Papaya, prunes, pears, plums, green leafies, okra, oranges might help. Good luck!
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Question: i am suffering huge constipation problem.how to relief constipation after normal delivary(episiotomy)?
Answer: Hi. Have 4 anjeers at night before sleeping.. I am confident you won't have a problem after that. U can eat 7-8 raisin( munakkha) daily. Or eat papaya. It's natural food to remove constipation. Add hing,fenugreek,jeera to Ur food and also u can boil hot water with these and drink daily Loads of liquids, you can try tender coconut with honey for 2-3 days Else pomegranate juice, not milk shake Glass of milk with table spoon of cleaned poppy seeds. These are all quick relief therapies
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