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Question: Is maintain500 mg injection along with 300 mg sustain tablet affect (side effect) on pregnancy uptoo 12 weeks

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Answer: hi dear! so these are progesterone tablets dear. and progesterone is a pregnancy hormone dear . if it gets low there are chances of you bleeding which can be a problem in the pregnancy dear. so these injections and tablets are given . there is no problem if at any moment you feel discomfort then you can consult with your doctor dear. there is nothing to worry about this medicine dear. take care.
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Question: How Sustain sr 300 mg tablet help pregnant women in first trimester?
Answer: It helps in preventing the blod clot if diagonised during sonography
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Question: I have taken susten 500 mg instead of susten 300 mg... Will there b any side effect
Answer: Hi Dear! It wont affect dont worry, but pls be careful in future, susten is fr supplementing Progesterone hormone.. Progesterone is given to sustain a Pregnancy in case the doctor feels that there may be a threat to the embryo. Progesterone is vital for the viability of pregnancy during the first trimester after which the placenta takes over to maintain the pregnancy. However it shows you hv 3 yr old baby, if you r pregnant pls download the app in your husbands phone to get the timelt notification and pregnancy tips.. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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Question: Tidlan retard 40 mg can be used along with progesterone injection
Answer: Hi dear tidilan retard 40 mg is a tablet which is a vasodilator it means that it increases your blood flow and guidance the blood vessels so that the blood can you flow freely and progesterone is a different supplement altogether it is for the sustainability of the pregnancy hence if your doctor has suggested to take both of them together you can definitely go ahead and take the both together.. Hope this helps..
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