5 months old baby

Question: Is Marie Gold biscuits good for baby with milk

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Answer: Biscuits of any kind or any other Bakery products are not considered good for baby. Even though they say it's made of wheat but it does contain refined flour. So better not to give it at this early stage. Hope this helps.
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Question: Is marie gold biscuits good for 6 montys old baby ?
Answer: No biscuits on the whole are not suitable for babies. They can cause severe constipation in babies. Moreover, they do not have any nutritional value
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Question: Can i give marie gold biscuits with formula milk
Answer: Hi dear. Biscuits are not that healthy as we think they are. Try to avoid biscuits and all other bakery food at least util your baby turn one. If you want to give biscuits then bake biscuits at home. Try to give healthy and home made snacks to baby
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Question: Hi I'm giving marie gold biscuits with milk to my baby is this OK
Answer: Hi.. Dear breast feed or formula milk for complete six months, nothing else.. Biscuits should be introduced after child turns one year old, because biscuits contain extra preservatives and added sugar.. Normal milk also needs to be given after an year. After completion of six months you can give boiled cereal water first (dal ka pani), then semi liquid porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentil and rice porridges), boiled and mashed potatoes, bananas (mashed or in the form of smoothie).. If the baby is able to digest these food sources, then introduce ragi, oats, dalia..DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SALT, UNTIL YOUR BABY IS AN YEAR OLD.. Start giving with small bowls, gradually increase the quantity.. Serve in three different meals as per your convenience
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Question: Hii... Can I give Britania Marie gold biscuits with milk to my 7month old baby..
Answer: Hi dear plz avoid giving biscuits to ur baby as it will.be very early. Don't give biscuit to ur baby before 1 year of age
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