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Question: Is maggi is harmful during pregnency?

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Answer: Hello dear. Maggie is made of maida which is difficult to digest . Taste maker contains ajinomoto Ajinomoto can majorly affect the development of the brain in the fetus. Hence, it is advised to avoid its consumption to a large extent to protect the growth of the baby. It would be better to avoid. Take care.
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    chetna sharma184 days ago

    Hey lekin mene abhi maggi kha li ab kya kru

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Question: Is maggi harmful during 1st month of pregnancy
Answer: Maggi noodles have got a kind of wax on it which keeps it from sticking together which takes one day to get digested. So in that way is it harmful to eat maggi noodles or any other noodles during pregnancy. Any manufacturer would want their edible products to last longer as perishable items would be a loss. The same applies to noodles too. So, to expand their shelf life, they are processed. That's the ugly part. They lack enough nutrition but they come with lots of harmful substances like sodium, preservatives, artificial ingredients like colours, other flavours, additives and so on...
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Question: Eating chicken is harmful during pregnency..??
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy chicken is not harmful at all. . Chicken is a good source of protein. Prefer taking less spicy and less oily onces . Best option is the chicken sandwich or soups. As I our Indian version ,chicken curry get extremely oily and spicy which resuce it's health benefits.
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Question: Is squatting harmful during 7th month pregnency ??
Answer: Avoid squatting Abhi coz u have to enter 9th month safely
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