24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is lower abdominal ( panty liner) tightening and mild cramp is normal?

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Answer: I think, this is because you are short. Don't worry. Pray well. Everything will be ok.
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Question: I have severe lower abdominal (panty liner) tightness and mild abdominal cramping like periods pain..but no discharge. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi Mum don't worry this pains of because of the uterus growth when the baby grows inside it will cause pressure on vegina and the pain will follow to thighs and legs so don't worry always sleep on your left side and keep pillow in between your thighs which will reduce the pain
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Question: is abdominal tightening and mild cramping normal at 30 weeks?
Answer: Then tightening is bcz of gasetic problem n cramping is bcz of baby expansion
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Question: Today light cramp at right side lower abdominal , mild which comes and go
Answer: Hi dear, it is normal in pregnancy due uterus expanding ur body is getting ready to create more room for baby , there are hormonal changes going in ur body. For this following are the remedies: 1 Elevate your feet when resting, if possible. 2 soak your legs in hot water. 3 Avoid standing for long hours it creates load on abdominal area 4Try taking a hot shower or bath 5 start low impact exercises like walk. 6 in case u have severe joint pains along with abdominal pains ask your doctor too add  calcium or magnesium supplements to you diet.
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