10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is litchi juice safe in pregnancy

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Answer: hi yes it is safe you can take Litchi but it is advisable to take in moderation then there is no problem
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Question: is drinking litchi juice safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Fresh homemade juice u can but avoid it incase ur weight is on higher side n incase u hv sugar problem
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Question: Is it safe to drink litchi juice or litchi fruit??????
Answer: Hello dear. Litchi which is a tropical fruit is a part of the Sapindaceae fruit family and belongs to the evergreen variety. Yes you can have litchi. However,please confirm with your dieteican before consumption. Here are a few benefits of litchi: Provides an excellent boost to your immunity Controls the circulation of blood in your body. Ensuring good bowel movements. Provide energy to your system. Take care.
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Question: can we have litchi or litchi juice in pregnancy??
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can have litchi but in moderation. Excess should not be consumed as it can cause internal heating, which can give rise to complications.
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Question: Litchi juice is safe during pregnancy ...nd m heaving in 16 week.
Answer: yes you can have it but in moderation as excess of everything is bad. Once in a while it is ok but try to drink fresh fruit juices Sans any extra sugar.
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