13 months old baby

Question: Is juice more beneficial or raw fruit ??

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Question: Should take beetroot? Raw is beneficial or boiled
Answer: Taking of beetroot in raw or cooked nothing happens to baby and you but it helps in increasing the blood levels but I advice you to not to take daily
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Question: Is pomegranate juice good in pregnancy or raw fruit?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can consume pomegranate juice or fruit. However not suggested everyday. Consuming pomegranate fruit or juice may be beneficial during pregnancy, avoid taking pomegranate extract as it may contain the rind, which can bring on contractions and early labor. Pomegranate juice can be high in calories, so consume it only in moderation. You can also check with your gynecologist before consuming. Take care.
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Question: I'm taking more fruits and fruit juice and raw vegetables it's safe
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy raw vegetables are not advisable at this stage so please have cooked vegetables only if you are not diabetic you can have fruits and fruit juices take care
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