37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it true wat here details are der about pregnancy monther ?? Like they saying baby weight n delivery date n height al is it true wat they given all?? I enterd my LMP so they given details na dat am askng ??

Answer: Hi Dear! Whatever information u r getting from app is a generalised information based on wht the height or weight should during so and so month, its not a personalised information based on special condition.. Hence u will hv an idea but you may not hv same to same information with your reports and app.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I m 27 weeks pregnant... My tummy still dint show off... All my friends are saying dat baby weight will b low....is it true
Answer: not like that.. you can check the baby's weight while doing scanning..some people will hve little tummy and it will show off after 7 month only.. so wait for that.. be happy and cool. have helthy food.. banana, pottato etc will help to gain weight for your baby..
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Question: I'm n lack of iron... So iron supplements given... Some are saying if we take iron supplements baby will become darker? Is it true?
Answer: Iron is very important for baby growth if u feel so than u can maintain with ur diet Eat healthy food which contains iron calicum etc
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Question: Hi m 4 weeks 6 days pregnant n i m not feeling any pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomiting n oll.. is dat all fine? N my last LMP was 26th april wat will be my due date
Answer: Nausea and vomiting can occur at anytime of pregnancy not necessarily in the first trimester. Jan 2 2019 is your due date.
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