38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is it true that if baby position is left side,it is baby girl and if position is right side it is baby boy?

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Answer: Hello! These are all myths. The position of the baby does not determine the gender. One can know the gender only through sex determination test but it is illegal in our country. Hence it is better to leave it in the hands of the nature. Take care
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Question: is that true girl is left side nd boy is right side
Answer: No dear nothing like that. Most babies are felt near the left side dear even if it is a boy or a girl.
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Question: Left side baby=girl,right side =boy,moments during pregnency?? Is it true
Answer: Hi dear, can't determine baby's gender on these ground. Better wait for wonderful surprise to come to this world.
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Question: Some people say that if right size of belly feels heavy then its girl and left side is boy... Is it true
Answer: Hi dear it is a sheer myth plz don't believe all these. These are a normal symptoms.
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