33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: is it true that eating citrus fruit like amla can cause swelling on legs...?

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Answer: No. Its not true.. Citrus fruits have great benefits in pregnancy.. Vit c prezent in thst boost up immune system
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    ZH ZH600 days ago


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Question: Is it true that overcrying can cause baby's brain.
Answer: Hi dear, its true that long continued or repeated crying can produce so much cortisol that it can damage a baby's brain.That doesn't mean that a baby should never cry or that parents should worry when baby does.It's not  crying that is bad for  babies  but  crying that gets no response is bad for them. Over crying can cause a baby moody n hyperactive in future. So, need to take care of that.
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Question: Can pregnant women eat jamun fruit. I love that. Parents say it may cause dark patches on ma baby skin. Is it true?
Answer: Hello dear... It is actually a myth, me too have jamun in pregnancy, it din cause any infection to baby, It is safe to eat jamun during pregnancy, but have it in moderation, it is also known as Indian blackberry, because of its antioxidant properties,it also regulates blood sugar ,also promote good bone health,it has lot of fibre which gets you relive from constipation,it can be an best snack option when you opt for healthy snacks carving during pregnancy
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Question: Is it good to eat jamun fruit during pregnancy?, I read on internet that eating jamun will cause stain& dark patches on baby skin, is it true?
Answer: Hi.. jamun is good for health at the time of pregnancy.. so you can eat it without any fear
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